See a huge increase on your sales by selling using the Cash on delivery model. We can help advertise your products and deliver your product successfully using cash on delivery. You will be paid bi-weekly which is on the 2nd and 4th week of every month.

How it works

We will take product pictures, create an explainer video and unboxing video. We will write a detailed product description and add the listing on our website. We will advertise to ensure we give your product the much needed exposure.

You do not need to send your products to our warehouse. Just ensure you have a warehouse in Pretoria. As soon as we receive the sale on our website our driver will collect the product from your warehouse in the afternoon. The product will be delivered to the client the next. You only give us the product after the client has bought on our website. That means you never have to pay for storage fees.

How much it will Cost

To list your product on the COD Shop website will cost R100 which includes taking product pictures, creating product video and writing a detailed product description.

For every sale you get from the COD Shop website there will be a R50 fulfilment fee. This includes the cost of collecting the product from your warehouse and the logistics involved.

For every successful sale there will be a 10% success fee from the cost of the product.

How to get started

Please click below and fill the form and we will contact you.