Part-time Drivers in Pretoria Wanted

We are looking for part-driver to assist with deliveries throughout Pretoria

Job Description

The drivers will be required to pick up deliveries in the morning around 7am. The driver calls the customer and verify availability before delivery. Use the route planner app to find directions and optimize the route to the customer. Meet with the client and give them the correct order. Process payment via Cash or Card.


  • Must be reliable, dependable, and punctual.
  • Must be valid drivers license.
  • Must stay in Pretoria suburb where they deliver (Proof of address required).
  • Must own a smartphone and know how to use a route planner app and google maps.
  • Must know how to buy data and airtime on the smartphone.
  • Must be able to use our inhouse driver app and keep all deliveries up to date.
  • Must have basic admin skills and keep driver file up to date.
  • Must own road worthy vehicle.
  • Must have a valid South Africa ID and proof of address.
  • Must have attention to detail and be able to ensure customers receive the correct parcels.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with clients via phone call or WhatsApp.
  • Must be able to perform under pressure and be able to work with frustrated clients that need their orders urgently.
  • Must know how to use the Yoco Khumo machine to process card payments
  • Must always be clean and presentable.
  • Must be able to account for funds received
  • Must not have a criminal record
  • Must have verifiable references
  • Must not smoke or drink alcohol

Frequently Asked Questions

1} How much can I make?

We pay per delivery and on average you should be able to make 10 deliveries per day. Which means you can make from R7 500 to R20 000. This includes the cost of petrol, car maintenance, airtime and data.

2) When can I start?

If you are shortlisted, you will be required to take a trial drive for 2 days with a member of our team. And if they happy with your performance you will then be able to start.

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